Administrative Goals:
1. To promote the programs of International President Lion Dr. Jung-Yul Choi and extend full support.
2. To bring effective District and Club’s administration.
3. To ensure time management in meeting and make the meeting short and interesting.
4. To give priority on reporting of administrative and service activities through My LCI and My Lions App respectively.
5. To ensure PU101 form and membership list and District account reported within the prescribed time limit.
6. To have society registration and PAN number of each club.

Membership Goal:
1. To ensure 100% retention of members in the Clubs.
2. To ensure minimum 10% or 5 members increase in each club whichever is higher.
3. To ensure increase of women membership and their involvement in the Clubs.
4. Extension of six new Lions Clubs with atleast one lady Lions Club and two Leo Clubs.
5. To ensure all cabinet members to sponsor atleast one new member either by bringing their spouse if not added earlier or to sponsor new member from outside.
6. To maintain positive net membership growth in each club by the end of June 2021.

Leadership Development:
1. PST, RCs, ZCs and DCs schooling at two locations, one in Assam and one in Manipur (virtually).
2. RCs, ZCs and DCs orientation programme (either virtually or in person).
3. To organize certified guiding lion program/ CQl program/ YLLI/ Women Symposium.
4. Orientation of newly inducted members and two years old members.
5. To participate in all international and multiple level training program like ALLI, RLLI, ELLI and FDI.
6. To motivate all the Club officers to report MMR through MYLCI and upload service activities through MyLions App.

Service Activities:
1. To participate in all International President’s program.
2. To promote and perform one Multiple one activity and one District one activity.
3. To encourage the clubs to have atleast one permanent project along with 5 global service activities related to Environment, Hunger, Vision, Diabetes and Paediatric cancer.
4. To work for the differently abled person and take care of the senior citizens.
5. To motivate all clubs to undertake service challenges related to Covid-19 pandemic.

Strengthening of LCIF and DFF:
1. To enrol atleast 25 MJF in the District.
2. To motivate the members to contribute to LCIF by contributing $50, $100 or $200 to meet our target of $40,000 to support 100 campaign.
3. To motivate the members to contribute to DFF for strengthening our District.
4. To promote and guide the clubs for applying LCIF grants.

Other Goals:
1. To organize atleast two TTW in the District to support the Lions Quest program.
2. To encourage all the clubs to organize Peace Poster contest (Target: 80 Peace Poster Kits).
3. Publication of District Bulletin Eastern Lion (atleast 3 issues).
4. To give emphasis on Public Relation and image building programs of the Lions.
5. To publish the activities of the District and the Clubs in the Local Dailies, District Bulletin and other Social Medias.
6. To promote the Leo Clubs program within the clubs and inspire the Leo’s to organize and participate in Youth Activities.

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